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We position FASEC as a personalized stock broking firm dedicated to offering efficient and reliable services to our client. We adhere to strict Syariah rules in the conduct of our business. FASEC offers examplary service in the area of:


FASEC places strong focus on personalized service and good customer relationship management practices that have been tailor-made and fine-tune to meet client requirements. For example, FASEC is able to provide the convenience of complimentary payment pickup service from a client’s home or office thus enhancing working relationship with the clients.


Subject to the necessary approval being obtained, FASEC will provide underwriting services to raise capital from investing clients on behalf of corporations that are issuing equity or debt securities. Our wide network of institutional and retail clients and established and proven track record makes it as the ideal partner to tap into the region’s investor pool.


FASEC offers nominees services to clients where we acts as a nominee, agent or trustee for clients via FA Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd.


FASEC can provide share margin financing facility to clients who seek to increase their trading capacity and holding power to maximize their returns. This facility allows clients to leverage their purchases using cash, quoted shares on Bursa Malaysia or fixed deposit. This is also subject to FASEC receiving the necessary approval from the regulators.


FASEC plans to set up a research unit. This is in line with our aim to provide professional, personalized and efficient service to its clients, FASEC backs its trading recommendations derived from in-depth studies and research of the traded subject by this highly competent and experienced research unit.